Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water 1L Paper Box

The liquid found in the center of a young, green coconut is known as coconut water. Coconut water is 94% water and contains very little fat. Plain coconut water has long been a popular beverage in tropical countries, where it can be purchased fresh, canned, or bottled. Coconut water is served chilled, fresh, or packaged. Coconut water for sale in retail cans, Tetra Paks, glass bottles, or plastic bottles, sometimes with coconut pulp or coconut jelly included.


100 organic coconut water original no added sugar 1L Paper Box



Being grown in the lush alluvial plain of the Mekong Delta, the coconut tree is known as a species of this region called "The Tree of Life." The coconut collected here is always sweet and has many health benefits. Known for its electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals concentrations. Vietnam natural coconut water is naturally refreshing with a sweet and nutty taste.

From Mekong's thousands of harvested coconut fruits, we only collect the high-quality ones to produce coconut water. Rita Coconut Water is a perfect combination of delicious and nutrient-rich, making it the perfect drink to get you through your workout or busy day.



As reputable coconut water manufacturers in Vietnam, our focus is on sourcing only the finest coconuts to produce our coconut water. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility employs rigorous quality control systems, ensuring that every can of Rita coconut water delivers unparalleled taste and is rich in essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.



Perfect as a delicious product, natural coconut water has many health benefits.

100 pure coconut water drinks with fruit juice supplier own brand

Reduces the risk of kidney stones

Some studies show that coconut water can protect against impaired renal function and the development of oxidative stress in the kidneys. It also can be used for phytotherapy against urolithiasis.

Helps in Strengthening Bones

Because coconut water contains substantial calcium, it strengthens your bones. This liquid water is also rich in magnesium, which helps in improving bone strength.

Helps in Improving Metabolism

A good metabolism is one of the sure-shot ways to good health. Coconut water contains many nutrients that help boost your metabolism, and manganese is one of the most important ones. Therefore, adding coconut water to your diet can give a much-needed boost to your metabolism.

Helps Preventing Dehydration

Dehydration can make you low on energy and lead to further health complications. And when the body gets dehydrated, it also loses important nutrients and essential salts. However, drinking coconut water replenishes the body of all the lost nutrients and water.

Helps Reducing Bloating

Excess sodium in the body may result in bloating. However, if you include coconut water, your body's potassium levels may increase. This may help in reducing the effects of sodium and may help in reducing the bloating.

Replaces electrolyte

Because coconut water is high in potassium and a great electrolyte replacement, it has even been used for IV hydration in certain emergencies.

Detoxes your body

Coconut water has properties that remove mineral toxins from the blood. It also helps eliminate toxins accumulated in the intestine due to poor digestion.

Aids weight loss

Coconut water has no fat. It is a very low-calorie drink that can easily replace a meal. It can also be consumed before a meal to reduce binge eating among weight-watchers. It also helps lose weight by removing excess water stored due to heavy sodium consumption.



Established in 2004, RITA Food & Drink Co., Ltd is one of the best coconut water suppliers in Vietnam. Known for its concentrations of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, coconut water is a naturally refreshing with sweet and nutty taste.

RITA Company only collect the high-quality coconut to produce all kinds of products such as pure coconut water, coconut water with fruit juice, coconut milk, etc.

Besides Vietnamese market, RITA has been exported coconut water to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.

RITA is also a reliable partner in OEM and ODM manufacturing cooperation with diverse products, quality, competitive prices.

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Rita Food and Drink Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2004 as a 100% Foreign owned Company and specializes in the production of Beverage such as Energy Drink, Aloe vera Juice, Soya Milk, Fruit juice,Soft Drink, Coffee, Beer, Tea Drink, Basil seed with juice, Chia seed drink, coconut water, drink water, Carbonated drink.....
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